Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making Classroom Management Work - Not a Secret

The article, "The Not So Secret to Effective Classroom Management : by Jim Linsin, comes from his blog Smart Classroom Management. This particular post gets at a key to classroom managment - follow-through and consistency. It is a great refresher as one heads into the new school year. As a principal, it reminds me of making sure I am clear, as consistent as possible, persistent and fair. This article is well worth a read. Read it, critique, reflect on it and feel free to post a comment. As Linsin mentions, if you have taught more than three minutes you probably bump into this (follow-through and consistency) regularly.

While you are there you might want to check out other posts he has. It is a good website with ideas that can help new and experienced teachers (and administrators). I may well check into his book, The Dream Classroom.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Talk Behavior Management at THS

As we look at continuous improvement, one of the areas that has emerged is student behavior management. We will look at it from a school-wide and a classroom perspective. By and large we have a safe and orderly environment. Like many aspects of improved learning, good is good but even better leads to more learning. The question I want to pose is "What might be the best ways for our staff to further improve student behavior at THS?" If you want some background material, yesterday's posting could be helpful. It can help review some ideas, thoughts and strategies. We look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Classroom Management Ideas Worth Thinking About

One thing I know and have seen with classroom management - it ain't rocket science! However it is part science, part art and a good deal of hard work, preparation and heart and care. Those who manage their classrooms well do many of the same things (the fundamentals) and some different things. The following list will incude ideas, thoughts, strategies and attitudes that are well worth reviewing. One other thought before the list - there is a knowing-doing gap with classroom management. Many know what to do but have either forgotten or let some things slip. The goal of the list is to remind us of what is important and what works. It is not all inclusive. FEEL FREE TO ADD thoughts, ideas , strategies and links.

A WorkingClassroom Management List
  • Top Ten Classroom Management Rules from Lesson Plans Inc This is a very good place to start as a refresher/review. It hits many of the main points.
  • Teacher Checklist for Classroom Behavior Management from Dr. Mac This list is a good review and let's you know where you stand. Not all points are as important as others but it is a good review list for new and experienced teachers.
  • Two mega lists on Classroom and Behavior Management tTis s almost like cheating but here are two really big lists. These are for those who want to choose their their own resources. I plan to go through these more thoroughly and pick out a few key ones to add to my list. Have at these - they demonstrate how much is out there if we look for it. Picking relevant ones is the key.

Classroom Behavior Management Strategies by Dr. Mac (you lucky dog!)

The Really Big List of Behavior Management Resources

These are good places to start. I will end by saying I continue to see and believe that good classroom management is a major, major key to successful learning and teaching.


Monday, July 19, 2010

As part of my 7 Day Blog class I am asked to reflect on and post my reflections. Today's questions were about the readers/learners the blog is aimed at and also how to make the blog user-friendly and useful. Question one is the crux of my thinking and reflecting. As a high school principal I think I will want staff members, or at least some of them, to be the intended audience/participators. While there are a good number of things we are and will be learning, the question is “How do I make blogging part of what I do fairly regularly and part of what they have time to do?” Two years ago I tried using a message board with SchoolCenter. It just did not take off much. Until now I sort of let it sit and I have been thinking aboout what I might have done or should do differently. Now I am ready to try and figure that out. This 7 Day Blog work will help and push me.
Once I clarify my thinking and purpose for question 1, I likely will get a better handle on what the learner/readers need. I did get my blog set up and styled some. Generally it is okay (for a beginner). I will continue to see what changes I might want to make. The good news is it is all doable and this short class will get me started in the right direction. Thanks for offering this Stephanie.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting started is getting involved

I guess it is time to get involved. I am not into Twitter yet and my friends call me a "lurker" on Facebook I have always been an advocate and believer that technology can enhance good learning and good teaching. It is very engaging and using technology is a skill all need to have to be successful in the 21st century (well there will be some wh might be successful without the ability to use technology.

I guess starrting this blog is sort of putting up or shutting up for me. I wantto model and use technology in a meaningful way to help improve learning and teachng at Timberline. Lately I have not been as involved with technology as I would like. Taking this 7 Day Blogging course with Stephanie Sandifer will help push me forward. This is Sunday night - the day before "Class" starts. I have set up this blog on and I am getting ready to roll.